Teaching an old dog new tricks

Here I sit at midnight, gazing at my computer screen. Surprised that I still have hair and contemplating if my blood is now 50% coffee... This is my journey into my new and complex world of the internet. Let me paint you a picture of a 50 year old lady (me) who had heard of Instagram but preferred to imagine that it existed in another world, so my eyes would never have to gaze upon it. I felt pretty content 😁. I just loved seeing and talking to actual people . Well, imagine my stupefied expression when I realized that this option was changing 😳! What??? I love my customers. Sharing in their day and their journeys. Enjoying a laugh or many..so I medicated myself with food for a week or two . Well that didn’t work ! My pajamas were starting to become my daily wear and to be perfectly honest, I love my business but something had to give . At this rate the only thing that was giving was my waistline and my sanity . Enough for now, I must get back to work. I will let you know how my journey progressed in my next little blurb .