Stone of Peace..✌️ Amethyst

2020 has been a year! So far it is hard to find a complimentary word for 2020, but I hope to one day soon! For all of us a little peace in our lives is just what we need right now. Since we can’t control the world, we strive to make some order in our own small circle. Amethyst is a beautiful purple gem that comes in many hues. Not only stunning, did you know that amethyst was used by the Egyptians and Greeks for protection against ailments? Amethyst is widely used to increase creativity, calm fears, and encourage inner strength. It is related to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, where it is used to loosen mind blocks and help memory. This stone is closely related to faithful love, being the stone of Saint Valentine. From the time that I was a little girl I collected amethyst for my Mom. Not knowing what drove me. She now has an amazing collection! I was seeking peace and protection for her. She even has amethyst in her car for protection while travelling. Whether you believe or not, in these unusual times a little bit of amethyst certainly couldn’t hurt! For beauty or a little bit of metaphysical boost, amethyst is an affordable and beautiful addition to any wardrobe .