It's live right??

It's now 6am. I am pretty certain that I finally have my website up! Such a strange a new world...meta descriptions passwords..more alcohol . Have you ever seen a grown woman building a light box out of hopes and dreams?? You should have! I was quite a sight to behold. Just picture shoelaces, a fishing knife, a white pillow case and a sad little box that had no idea what was about to happen! Let your imagination run with that for awhile . Well, I certainly learned that I am flexible. Both in business and life. Maybe less in person, during one 8 hour computer session my back decided that it wanted to go out, and so it did. In it's defence I had been sitting inside for so long that some part of me needed to be out! Bear with me while I populate my site and get the hang of this. I will gladly share more of my journey soon!