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We decided many years ago that we wanted a life here in the mountains. On a day trip a flat tire and fate played a hand in where we are now! We wandered in to this little store that needed some tlc with no intentions other than to browse. We started chatting with the owners and they mentioned that they were retiring. That still didn't get our attention. We purchased a beautiful ammolite pendant and left. I was surprised at my initial walk through of the store, I looked at it like a buyer! Weird, I had never done that before and had no idea when I was doing it that it was for sale. I had grown up in the jewellery business but for the last 20 years I  was working in palliative and long term care. Mahesh had just sold his high end Autobody shop, so working on Mercedes and BMW's was what he was accustomed to. Fate stepped in and our world opened up! Next thing you know we are walking through Canmore realizing that an affordable option is just what it needs! We talked it over and sold everything and here we are! Oh it was certainly interesting changing our entire lives overnight, but worth every minute.Mahesh dove into learning the trade and becoming great at everything he does. I brushed up on everything I thought I knew and more! We have met so many amazing people and for me especially it is fun! Occasionally I will get a customer who is really intense about something and I can't help but smile.If only people could imagine the things that I have been through in my previous job💕. Maybe then they would understand why I am so patient and never get upset over the little things! Come by and visit with us! We would love to see you❤️

Tracey & Mahesh Kavia